Floral yellow elegant coat Lidia

2999 kr




Lidia is a spring- summer and autumn coat that will put a spark on your day. Wear it indoors or outdoors, it works both ways! With the colorful, unique fabric you will draw attention to yourself. In the office, on the subway or on your way out on the town for an evening with the girls. The style and material are very comfortable to wear. At the same time it gives you a stylish and feminine look whatever your mood of the day tells you to combine it with.

Wear Lidia as your coat with a dress to a party. Or wear Lidia as your everyday coat with jeans or leisure pants or a skirt, to put a spark on your day.

Size chart

Lidia coat measurements (cm);
Arm length616263
Coat length929394

Look at our size guide here


Fabric, 35% rayon, 45% polyester 20% metallic

Lining, 100% viscose

Wash & care

Dry clean only

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