Floral red silk blouse Gwen

1899 kr




stylish red silk blouse

stylish red silk blouse. Gwen is a wonderful blouse in 100% silk material. The floral pattern gives you a warm and energizing feeling. The red buttons match the colorful rose pattern. The blouse is very comfortable to wear, yet stylish and feminine.

Wear Gwen with a pair of jeans or pants or a matching skirt. Or, why not Go Colorful and match it with a red skirt or pants. For a day in meetings, combine it with a pair of suit pants and put a personal, colorful twist to your formal look. Aren’t you tired of that white old blouse?


Size chart

Gwen blouse, measurements (cm)
Arm length626364
Blouse length656667

Look at our size guide here


Fabric, 100% silk

Wash & care

Handwash or silk program, 30 degrees, no bleach, or Dryclean if you prefer.

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