Moderator Anna Bellman has Passionforcolors

Anna Bellman is a pro in rhetoric. She is also a very popular moderator. In Almedalen Anna had a hectic schedule, leading a number of key events regarding, among other things, tax issues and housing. Anna is wearing the colorful Carina jacket from Passionforcolors, with an excellent combination of matching red clothes.

At Passionforcolors we are convinced that also the way we dress can have an important role to play as part of our ”communication toolbox”, in how we are perceived and in how we feel. Why do we in our relatively dark part of the world, so often dress in dark colors when we know that colors can increase our energy level and put us in a better mood. Why not test to wear more colors as part of our expression. A positive and energizing way to gain attention.

Finally a book tip for this summer, ”Släpp retoriken – fokusera på publiken” by Anna Bellman, an excellent tool for those of us who continuously strive to improve our communication skills.

Pictures by @annabellman

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