It is an opportunity in the work context I am to stick out, in the right way.

PassionForColors® talks to women in different countries and in different roles in society regarding the way we dress, why we dress the way we do and what role it plays for us. Time has come to talk to Husqvarna group’s global head of design, Towe Ressman.

Towe, something that has puzzled me during the years, having had a lot of close co-operation with product designers, is why all designers are always dressed in black. To me you represent the most artistic and creative side of doing business…how come the “dress code” for a designer is black?

It is a good question, and there is probably someone who spent a lot of time in researching this, who can give the better answer. I can only answer for myself and first I must underline that black is not my favourite colour. I love colours. But when it comes to what I am wearing it´s a different story, my reasons… First and foremost, black is practical, you never need to spend time on what to match nor the cleaning part – just a pile of black clothes.

Beyond the rationale, I like to have a long relation with the clothes I buy. I can’t throw away clothes items I love. I am also very selective when buying something new. I know what I`m comfortable wearing. Fashion is inspiration, but I cherry pick what I really like, beauty in forms, details and materials. The sustainable aspect is also important for me and right choices with long life is the best also for the environment.

As head of design, you spend a lot of time on stage, introducing new designs and innovations…when you plan what to wear in these contexts, how do you think when it comes to drawing attention to the design vs drawing attention to yourself?

What I wear, of course has an impact. The person standing in front of the audience is the first impression, leading into what will then be presented. For me it is important to feel comfortable and wear clothes you don’t need to think of. And it is an opportunity in the work context I am in to stick out, in the right way. A corporate dress code can be quite boring and conservative as you know.

Who inspires you when it comes to the way she dresses and how come?

People that dare to stick out, with the element of surprise, who bring out their personality through what they wear. Sara Danius is for sure one.  


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PassionForColors is a fashion brand that offers classic female styles in unique, colorful implementations. For professional use, as well as leisure time.  

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