Happy International Women’s Day!

Happy International women’s day. Today we celebrate women and women’s rights around the world.

International Women’s day is an important symbol of women’s equal rights, equality and justice. A lot has happened since the day was founded in 1910, but a lot of work remains, both in terms of more fundamental rights for women in many parts of the world, but also in terms of equality in business and society.

How we choose to dress is also a way of expressing freedom and choice. Sometimes the restrictions in our freedom in this area are linked to heritage and environment, in other cases it is pushed by more unwritten rules that we think we should follow for one reason or another. At PassionForColors we believe that women can claim space and stand out, also through the way we dress. We don’t have to stick to dark colors and no patterns in order to be professional and formal. On the contrary, color and patterns can contribute to us gaining the attention we need. Whether we manage to keep the attention or not, is up to ourselves anyway. It is not about the outside Or the inside, but about an outside that reflects the inside ?.  It is not a coincidence that the Marita coat is popular among moderators, like professional, competent and stylish Anna Bellman, @annabellman.  

Our hope is that our clothes are perceived as personal, unique, that they contribute to women claiming space and spread joy and that they may also be perceived as a bit cocky.

The Marita coat is one of the garments in our collection that we think personifies these qualities. Therefore, until March 31st, we offer a 20% discount on the Marita coat. It is available in five colors, sizes S – XL. Information on all measurements can be found in the product descriptions in our webshop. Use discount code Woman202020 Questions? please email info@passionforcolors.com

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