Ruter Dam visits PassionForColors @The Lobby Stockholm

On Sept 7, PassionForColors had the pleasure of hosting Ruter Dam for an event @The Lobby Stockholm where the whole PassionForColors range of clothes is currently on display. How come professional women in our partly very dark part of the world dress so much in dark colors? Formal clothes do not have to be dark. In other parts of the world women wear much more colors, we do not dress our children in dark colors and historically, with our ”Folkdräkter” we used to wear much more colors. Colors tend to increase the energy level and improve our mood and that of the people around us. PassionForColors is on a mission. A mission to inspire women to wear more colors by offering a range of unique, classic, colorful styles which you can use in your professional life as well as in your private life. Let us inspire You to a colorful life.

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