If you can spread a good mood around you, half of the work is done!

Back to our series of talks with different women, in different countries and in different roles in society regarding the way we dress, why we dress the way we do and what role it plays for us. Time has come to talk to a leading lady in the heavy manufacturing industry.

Introducing powerful and colorful Elisabeth Lindström-Dupuy

Tell us about your profession, what do you do and where are you based? 

I am General Manager at Sandvik Coromant. I am managing my company’s sales organization in north Asia. We are selling cutting tools for the metal cutting industries and our customers are spread across all manufacturing industries, such as automotive, aerospace, energy, medical and oil&gas. Currently I am based in Beijing, China.

What does the way you dress in your professional role represent to you and how do you prefer to dress? 

I don’t want to be too girlish or sweet, but neither too formal with grey and black. Colors make me happy and give me energy and I therefore like the combination of some red or bright colors with white, blue or black. I like to have a formal, but still feminine style.

Talking about the way you dress. What clothing item that you have purchased during the years have you been the happiest with? 

I’ve very much liked jackets as a clothing item, since I’m often wearing pants for practical reasons. With a jacket, I’m immediately changing style to a more formal but still sporty look. I both get happy and confident through wearing colors and classical designs.

What purchasing decision when it comes to clothing have you regretted the most?  

I’ve not really regretted any purchases, but when it comes to some of the shirts I have bought, I have felt after some years that they are too colorful. I’ve also experienced with colors like orange and pink, that I like them further away from my face, like on skirts and jackets but not directly on shirts or T-shirts.

You travel a lot in your profession, what is important to you when you choose the clothes you pack for a business trip? 

I prefer travelling with only hand-luggage and therefore clothes which are easily combined with each other work the best for me. Having a colorful jacket, which I can combine with different pants or skirts, gives me this flexibility. Then I can be more formal or festive, depending on the situation.

Who inspires you when it comes to the way she dresses? 

I have never thought of that actually…My mother also liked red and “happy colors”. She told me not to wear black and grey. These were sad colors that no one gets happy from. I guess she influenced me in looking for clothes which “cheer you and others up”. If you can spread a good mood around you, half of the work is done.

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